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Golden domes of churches and sunflowers are characters of Ukraine
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Dear Guest of our country,
If you look for honest, experienced, responsible and friendly guide
interpreter in Ukraine, you are
at the right place!

Do you visit Ukraine for business, holidays or seeking your future wife?

I will try my best to make your stay memorable, safe, comfortable, and troubles free! I can meet you at Odessa airport or Kiev airport, Kherson bus or railway station, book an apartment, hotel room, arrange business or personal meetings, find a most affordable professional driver, etc.

Most foreign visitors come to Ukraine through KBP ? International Kiev Airport, located in Borispol (Boryspil), a town 30 km from Kiev city center.

KBP - Kiev Airport (Borispol) - Kyiv Boryspil Airport

KBP - Kiev Airport (Borispol) - Kyiv Boryspil Airport

Kiev Airport (Borispol)

International Kiev airport (Borispol) is the largest one in Ukraine. It serves all intercontinental flights and majority of international flights. Currently Kiev airport (Borispol) has three working terminals: terminal B and newer modern-looking terminals D and F.

Terminal D, Kiev Airport (Borispol)

Terminal D, Kiev Airport (Borispol)

There are airline ticket offices, currency exchange points, ATMs, taxi booking desks, cafes at the airport terminal buildings and two hotels: "Boryspil" and "Airport Hotel" not far from the main Kiev airport.

Hotel "Boryspil" near the main Kiev airport

Hotel "Boryspil" near the main Kiev airport

You can get to the center of Ukrainian capital by taxi or save some of your money, taking "Skybus" (route #322) or "Polit" bus, which connect KBP with Kiev railway station and go through Kharkivska metro station.

Bus stop at Kiev Airport (Borispol)

The bus stop at Kiev Airport (Borispol)

If your plan is to visit southern part Ukraine: Odessa, Mykolaiv (Nikolaev) or Kherson, then it would be more convenient to enter the country through Odessa international "air gate".

Odessa Airport

Odessa airport (ODS) serves both international and domestic flights. At the airport building you can easily find necessary facilities for the guests who have just arrived: currency exchange points, ATMs, airline ticket offices.

ODS - Odessa Airport

ODS - Odessa International Airport

If you would like to have a snack after the flight, you can do it at the airport cafe or at cozy "Khizhina" restaurant (middle cost is $25/meal) at Odessa airport area. Odessa airport is comfortably located only 7 km from Odessa downtown. You can get there by taxi or by buses #117 or #129. The bus stop is nearby.

Bus stop at Odessa Airport

The bus stop at Odessa Airport

Hiring me as a guide, interpreter in Ukraine will give you a wonderful opportunity to travel around our country like a local and save hundred of dollars!

Kherson International Airport (KHE/UKOH)

The history of Kherson Aiport began in 1961 with the first flight from Kyiv to Kherson. Soon afther the collapse of the USSR, in 1993 Kherson airport stopped its work because of decline in demand and lack of finacial resources. After 20 years of downtime, in 2013 Kherson airport not only restarted its functioning, but got the status of International Airport to connect Ukraine with other countries. Beginning from July, 27, 2013 the "Motor-Sich" Airlines started regular flights along the route Kherson-Moscow-Kherson. From October, 15, 2014 the flights Kherson-Istanbul-Kherson were fulfilled by Turkish Airlines 4 times in week. Since March 29, 2015, the flights have been operated daily. Since July, 10, 2015 internal flights along the route Kyiv-Kherson-Kyiv have been carried out by the "Motor-Sich" Airlines 3 times a week. Today the flights from Kherson to Kyiv and back are operated by the UIA Airlines. Kherson Internation Airport also carries out seasonal flights to Hurghada, Egypt and Antalya, Turkey. At the moment the possibilities of flights connecting Kherson with St.Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, Russia and Tel-Aviv, Israel are being discussed.

Kherson International Airport

Have a Good Stay in Kherson, Ukraine!

I enjoy living in Kherson, a lovely green city in the south of Ukraine and working as Kherson interpreter, translator and guide.

Railway station in Kherson, Ukraine

Railway station in Kherson, Ukraine

I would be happy to acquaint you with the history and sights of my home city. I can show you nice cozy affordable cafes, restaurants and places for shopping in Kherson, Ukraine.

Suvorov street, - central pedestrian street in Kherson, Ukraine

Suvorov street, - central pedestrian area in Kherson, Ukraine

Due to its unique history, Kherson is fairly considered as a "city of ship-builders", "city of brides" and "a cradle of futurism" in Russian literature. Kherson, Ukraine is also an important international sea and river port. There are several important national parks, nature reserves and  wildlife sanctuaries worth to see in Kherson region.

Dnipro river side, Kherson Ukraine

Dnipro river side, Kherson Ukraine

If your travel route includes Nikolaev (Mykolaiv), Odessa, Sevastopol, Yalta, Zaporozhie, Melitopol, Berdyansk, Mariupol, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd or other cities of Ukraine, I would gladly accompany you there.

Drama Theater, Kherson, Ukraine

N.Kulish Academic Music and Drama Theater, Kherson, Ukraine

For more detailed information, booking or if you have any questions, you are welcome to email me.

Elena Krivova,
Interpreter in Kherson, Ukraine


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