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Balneal resorts of Ukraine

Besides historical and cultural attractions Ukraine is known for its extensive possibilities in resort sphere of tourism. Ukraine has high potential in development of mineral sources, mud baths and SPA-industries, which become more and more popular all over the world, thanks to peculiarities of climate and geographical situation of the country. Millions of people suffering from different diseases aspire to visit resorts of mineral waters and to improve their health with curative means of Ukrainian nature.

      The region of Carpathians of Ukraine is famous beautiful landscapes

The most famous resorts of Ukraine with curative properties of mineral waters are located in the Western part of Ukraine, in Zakarpatye: Truskavets, Mirgorod, Hmelnik, Morshin. Zakarpatye is also called as "the land of resorts". The resort zone of this region is completely clean ecologically, not spoiled by the influence of technical progress and industries. There are more than 400 sources of mineral water in Zakarpatye and many of them are known far outside of Ukraine. The main curative factor of Zakarpatye resorts are carbonic, hydrocarbonic and hydrocarbonicchloride natrium mineral waters "Poliana Kupel", "Poliana Kvasova" and "Luzhanskaya".

                   Western Ukraine is especially beautiful in winter

Truskavets is one of the most attractive balneal resorts of Ukraine. Its history of a resort-town began from 1827 when the first 8 curative baths had been opened. Now Truskavets is rapidly developing resort with powerful base for treatment and prevention of various diseases. There are large supply of mineral water from 14 natural sources and deposits of mountain wax, "ozokerite". Due to natural properties of mineral waters and ozokerite Truskavets is very popular Ukrainian resort and accepts more than 300 thousand tourists from the different countries.

              Resort hotels in Carpathians are located in wild places

The other well-known resort of Ukraine is Myrgorod. The main attraction of Myrgorod resortare chloride hydrocarbonic natrium and chloride natrium mineral waters which are used both for drinking treatment and baths. By its structure the Water is close to waters from the world known German Baden-Baden and Aachen resorts. Morshyn resort has a big area including sanatoriums and household constructions, natural sources of mineral water, parks, small shops, manufacturing natural medical salt. The main medical factors of Morshyn resort are unique by their chemical compound and concentration mineral waters and peat curative dirt and "mountain wax", ozokerite.

      The subtropical climate of Crimea beneficially influences on a health

As for Crimea, Almost all towns of the region are the resort towns. The most known of them are Yalta, Alushta, Gurzuf, Mishor, Partenit, Alupka, Simeiz. Crimea has perfect comditions both for the rest and for health improvement. Crimean resorts ideally match for people suffering from bones, heart, respiratoty, nervous diseases. There are plenty of various sanatoriums, rest-houses, hotels, mini-hotels, private tourist complexes which are always happy to accept tourists in Crimea

                          A coast of Crimea is an endless beach

Medical procedures of different kind, dirts and baths, gentle sea, warm curative air, different attractions at the sea-shore and in water, cafes, restaurants, open-air discos can make your stay in Crimea really unforgettable. The sun shines in Crimea during 275 days a year, that is comparable with famous resorts of Cyprus and even more than in Sochi and Nice. Crimean resort season lasts 4-5 months, basically it is the period from May till September inclusive. When autumn is warm the swimming season can last till the end of October.


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