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 Natural curative springs near Kherson, Ukraine

Kherson land is rich not only for its fertile black earth, favourable southern climate, but also for termal curative springs. One of them is situated not far from the popular among local people resort town called Zhelezny Port ("Iron Port"). "Geyser" started to accept first visitors in 2004. Depth of the spring is 1572 meters and its temperature is +65 C all year round. The water is rich for iron, salt, iodine, bromine, radon and boron. Density of salty water in the geyser is comparable with one in the Dead Sea.

History of the curative spring near Zhelezny Port (Kherson region) is quite curious. In 1971 soviet land-surveyers were looking for natural gas in the south of Ukraine. They made deep and extensive drillings and finally discovered not only gas, but also thermal waters. Henichesk (Genichesk) district of Kherson region turned out to be a fount of natural gas. And the district of Hola Pristan was confessed to be rich for hot thermal springs. And it could happen that no one would never know about them if homeless scrap metal seekers had not accidentally wrenched out a big piece of iron sticking up from the sand. 25 meters high fountain of hot water shot out of the ground...

Rumour about curative features of the spring quickly spread over villages around Hola Pristan and the whole Kherson region. Now two bathing huts with hot water and one with remedial mud are constructed at the geyser. Near the bathing pools there are changing-huts and the room where a visitor can order massage.

Local people say that after 5-7 ablutions in the miraculous water and embrocations with curative mud they healed from most of illnesses and even sickly old people began to feel and move like young ones. As many visitors admit, bathing in the spring perfectly relaxes body, improves mood and helps if one has joints diseases and rheumatic aches.

Geyser near Zhelezny Port is not the only popular curative spring in Kherson region (Khersonska oblast).Many locals and tourists from other parts of Ukraine enjoy visiting another thermal spring, containing curative mineral water, situated near the villageof Schastlivtsevo, district of Henichesk (Genichesk), Kherson region. There hot +70 C water fountains from the borehole, then flows successivly through three not very deep pools, gradually cooling. Water from the spring near Schastlivtsevo, Henichesk is good to cure heart, osseous, gastroenterological, skin diseases, nervous, endocrine and female disorders. Taking mineral water baths also helps with wounds healing.

It is worth to note that despite of huge popularity of both springs among the locals, not many people in Ukraine and even in Kherson know about them for lack of publicity. These thermal geysers still remain undiscovered curative sources which give knowing people the opportunity for free (or almost free) self treatment and improving their health and spirit.


Elena Krivova, interpreter, guide, translator
in Kherson and all over Ukraine

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