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Golden domes of churches and sunflowers are characters of Ukraine
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Kherson is a quiet green city in the south of Ukraine. It had grown at the bank of the Dnipro, the biggest Ukrainian river.

Panoram of Kherson
Panoramic view of Kherson

Kherson was named after ancient Greek city of Khersonesos (that means "peninsular" in translation). The remains of ancient Khersonesos survived till our days and can be found at the suburbs of modern Sevastopol. They had become one of the most
spectacular attractions of Crimea. Kherson was founded in 1778 by famous military man Grigory Potiomkin, on the orders of Russian Empress Catherine the Great. At the
beginning it was a fortress for protection of the southern boarders of Russia. Kherson city became the first Russian naval base and shipyard on the Black Sea.

Character of Kherson - a monument of the first built ship
Monument to the first ship constructed at Kherson
shipyard had become a symbol of Kherson

Kherson still remains an important port city and has the River and Sea ports. Kherson trade port deals with more than 40 countries of the world. Two main streets of Kherson (Ushakov and Suvorov street) were named in honour of outstanding historical figures of Russia: Admiral Ushakov, who started to build ships for the Black Sea fleet from 1783 till 1785 here and General Suvorov, who provided the construction of fortifications in Kherson from 1787 till 1791.

Famous "Tovarisch" wind-driven barque at Kherson Sea port

The name of famous English philanthropist and doctor John Howard is also entered the history of Kherson. In autumn of 1789 Howard arrived to Kherson where typhus epidemic had flashed. He visited hospitals and the prison, spent his own money to give necessary treatment to Kherson patients. But for his misfortune he had caught a typhus himslf and died. Kherson people will always remember John Howard for his altruism and courageous self-denying work. There are the monument to Jh.Howard and always crowded John Howard pub in the very center of Kherson. Not many people know that Kherson had become "a cradle" of futurism in Russian literature of the early XX century.

Unique in the world monument of the water-melon
Entering Kherson region from the east. Monument to a Water-melon

The history of our city is closely connected with the names of poets Burliuk brothers, Soviet writer Boris Lavrenev, Ukrainian film director, screen-writer and actor Sergey Bondarchuk, world famous golden medal gymnasts Larissa Latynina and Tatiana Lysenko, second Prime Minister of Israel Moshe Sharett, ex-Prime Minister of Bulgaria Sergey Stanishev, one of the city founders: talented military man, Major-General Abram Petrovich Gannibal and many other bright personalities. Modern Kherson is known a city of ship-builders. Other industries such as combine-buiding, oil-refining, textile (that's why Kherson is sometimes called as "a city of brides") are also developed in Kherson.

 Hotel "Frigate" at night
 Night view of "Frigat" hotel complex. Kherson

Kherson region (Khersonska oblast) is an important agricultural area, especially famous for its sunflowers and water-melons.


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