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Golden domes of churches and sunflowers are characters of Ukraine
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It's hardly possible to imagine Ukraine without its majestic capital - Kyiv. Founded by legendary brothers Kyi, Schek, Khorev and their sister Lybed at the end of the 5-th century, it became the cradle city of Christianity for future Russian, Ukrainian and Bielorussian nations between 10-th and 11-th centuries.

A main square of Kyiv - Maydan of Independence at night
Kyiv. Independence Square at night

One of the main Kyiv attractions is Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, which was the biggest and the most powerful Orthodox monastery in Kyivan Rus. In the 11-th century it became the center for the expansion and consolidation of Christianity in ancient Rus-Ukraine. The Lavra is famous not only as a monastery complex of seven beautiful churches, but also for its caves. At the beginning those caves served as monastic cells and later as underground cemetery for the monks. Many distinguished church and political figures are buried on the territory of the monastery.Today Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is national preserve and one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites within Ukraine.

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Orthodox Monastery complex. Kyiv

The other sight worth seeing is St.Michael Golden Domes Cathedral located at Mikhailovska Square. It has special meaning for Kyiv people because Archangel Michael is considered as a holly protector of Ukrainian capital. This splendid architectural monument has tragic history, being almost completely destroyed by tartar-mongolians in 13-th century, then ? by bolsheviks in 1935-1936. The temple was reconstructed and opened for religious service and visits in 2000.

St.Michael Golden Domes Cathedra
St.Michael Golden Domes Cathedral

Visiting Kyiv, you should not miss gorgeous St.Sofia Cathedral, situated just opposite to St.Michael Cathedral. St.Sofia is one of the oldest Kyiv churches and at the same time it is famous not only in Ukraine, but all round the world for its marvellous mosaics by Byzantine masters and graffiti that date back to 11-th century. 10 centuries ago St.Sofia Cathedral served not only as a place to pray, but also as political and cultural centre. The first library in ancient Rus-Ukraine was founded there. Architectural and historical preserve of St.Sofia was rewarded by golden medal of UNESCO.

St.Sofia Cathedral and a monument of Bogdan Khmel'nickiy
Kyiv. St. Sofia Cathedral and the monument to Bohdan Khmelnitskiy



Perhaps only visiting of Crimean peninsula could make your journey to Ukraine really unforgettable! Crimea is considered as the most beautiful part of Ukraine, which combines warm seaside climate, gorgeous nature and plenty of spectacular historical monuments. Crimea has a long and rich history. It was inhabited by Taurians, Scythians, ancients Greeks, was a part of Byzantine, Khazar, Tartar and Russian Empires. You would be greatly impressed visiting: Swallows Nest - marvellous medieval castle, that has become a special symbol of Crimea.

Swallows Nest - a special symbol of Crimea
 Swallow's Nest - a special symbol of Crimea

Livadia Palace - where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill carved up Europe at the end of the 2-nd World War.

Livadia Palace
Livadia Palace

Remains of ancient Greek city of Khersones.

Remains of Khersones
Sevastopol. Remains of ancient Khersonesos

Majestic Khan Palace of Bakhchisaray - a unique combination of orient and "western" architecture. Chufut-Kale - former center of the Jewish sect of Karaits.

Fortress Chufut-Kale
Chufut-Kale. Remains of karaites' settlement near Bakhchisarai

Legendary Genuese Fortess - which during more than 6 centuries witnessed plenty of wars and changes in political life Sudak. You can still find the inscriptions in Latin on its walls and much more sights of beautiful Crimea!


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